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My team and I, are highly motivated, ethical business investors, keen to expand our portfolio.  We can also help
you grow and scale

Keith Wilson - Investor & Business Strategist (1)

If you're at a point where you need absolute clarity on what your next business move should be, get in touch, we'd love to help

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About Me...

Keith Wilson - Investor & Business Strategist - Past Job Roles
Keith Wilson - Business Investor & Strategist - Headshot

Hi, I'm Keith Wilson, an Investor & Business Strategist

As you'll see above, having spent the past 30 years in Marketing & Business Development, (the last 15 years being in Senior positions as Head of Departments or Director), I've been extremely fortunate to have been involved in all aspects of business...

The good, the bad and the ugly!

This includes:

The struggles (particularly since the pandemic)
Huge growth and scale
Financial engineering and complete turnarounds
Several 6 & 7 figure exits

This vast experience and great insight has led me to where I am today...

My absolute passion is helping small to medium sized business owners, get exactly what they want, either by selling or growing

So, if after reading this page, you feel compelled to take the first step, I'd love to open up a dialog and see where it goes

So does that mean I'm just another business Coach?

Absolutely categorically not!  

In addition to being an Investor, I'm also a TGSS Specialist

But what exactly is a TGSS Specialist and how does it benefit you?

Great question, so first let me share what it stands for...

Keith Wilson - TGSS Specialist

So to elaborate, I help...

Turnaround businesses, particularly those that are struggling (potentially even trading insolvent), using a variety of really smart financial engineering strategies
Grow consistently and predictably.  This strategy assumes that you, the business owner, want to remain in the business longer than 3-5 years
Scale (this is a totally different strategy than to grow) as it's designed more as a sprint rather than a marathon, getting the business ready for...
Sale.  Ultimately, the main reason most business owners started their venture but ironically, very few actually plan for this.  The exit is your nice payday as a reward for all your blood, sweat and tears.   But, it needs to be done properly because over 80% of businesses NEVER sell.  Let's make sure you and your business are in the 20% that do!

Our Criteria...

If your business ticks the following boxes, we may be interested in either buying, investing or consulting:

Owner managed
Turnover between £500,000 & £5M
Minimum 5 employees, ideally more than 10
Established for more than 5 years
Good client base
Consistent/increasing annual Nett profit

However, if...

You have absolutely no clarity or vision for where you want to get to, either on a business or personal level, and don’t have any intention on creating any
You’re a one-man band, and have no ambition to grow your business beyond yourself (you want to stay self-employed)
You aren’t interested in scaling your business, either for succession purposes (to potentially pass on to a family member) or with a view to selling it and enjoying a very nice payday 

Then this opportunity is not for you as there’s absolutely no scope for us to work together

Not interested in selling? (Yet!) but intrigued to learn more?

No problem at all, most business owners I speak to didn't think they were either but after several discussions, soon realise it's an opportunity they need to explore

However, if you genuinely want to keep hold of your business, even if it may not be doing as well as you'd hoped, there may be another option..


Although the criteria stated above is our ideal, we fully appreciate that since the pandemic, lots of businesses have struggled and are now evaluating their next move

If that includes you, we have a proven track record of also helping failing businesses, even those that are about to lose everything and call in the Liquidators

We have a host of smart ideas, including some financial engineering strategies that will blow your mind, that may result in you selling, or possibly just bringing us in on a win-win management consultancy basis

So although we can't guarantee we can help, there's a very good chance we can

Still on the fence?  Consider this...

If you can resonate with any of the statements below, it's definitely worth reaching out

You want professional input from experienced Investors, Marketing, Business growth and Systems experts
You're approaching retirement and have no succession plan for the business, but after many years of sweat and tears, don't want to simply close the business
You've fallen out of love with your business and want to explore your options for selling
Your business is struggling and can't see a way out
You have interests elsewhere are more financially viable so makes sense to focus more time on them
Just out of curiosity, to learn more about what we do and see if we can help

My unique MAGIC Business System provides great consistency and is proven to get outstanding results

As we progress through the process together, you'll always know exactly where we're at  

What's more, your expectations will constantly be reviewed and possibly scrutinised, to ensure they remain both realistic and achievable

Keith Wilson - Investor & Business Strategist - Magic Business System

What Others Say...

"I first met Keith at a local business event and was instantly taken by his energy and what he had to offer.

The timing was also very opportunistic because due to totally unforeseen personal circumstances, my husband and I decided to retire early and offload our long standing family business  

We had no idea where to start with the selling process so his input and personal help was invaluable

We managed to get the exact outcome we wanted and were absolutely delighted

If you are (or aren't yet) considering getting out of your business, I highly recommend you have a chat with Keith as he'll open your mind to a whole new world of possibility

He shared knowledge and insights that I'd never heard before, even though I've been in business for over 35 years"

Keith Wilson - Business Investor & Strategist - Testimonial

Sarah Twine

Balanced Solutions Limited

Ready to take the first step?

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