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Your Business is my Business...

'I transform the lives of ambitious, overwhelmed & underpaid Contracting business owners, 
using my proven industry first, 
Trade Partner Blueprint


If you're at a point where you need absolute clarity on what your next business move should be, get in touch, we'd love to help

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About Me...

Keith Wilson - Investor & Business Strategist - Past Job Roles
Keith Wilson - Business Investor & Strategist - Headshot

Hi, I'm Keith Wilson, an Investor & Business Transformation Expert

Having spent nearly 20 years in Marketing & Business Development, (of which 8 were Senior positions (see above), and the last 13 years running my own coaching/investing company, I've been extremely fortunate to have experienced all aspects of business...

The good, the bad and the ugly!

This includes:

The struggles (particularly since the pandemic)
Huge growth and scale
Financial engineering and complete turnarounds
Several 6 & 7 figure exits

This vast experience and great insight has led me to where I am today...

My passion is helping Building & Carpentry business owners transition from complete overwhelm to harmony, then on to building a professional business, turning over 7, even 8 figures, that runs with or without them (they get to choose)

When I first started coaching back in 2011, I was working with any small business, regardless of industry, but due to several major property renovations we did, and the appalling experiences we had (purely on a business front, not necessarily with the quality of work), I identified a huge opportunity, so naturally progressed into the Trades 

What's more, even though I have an 'ideal' criteria for the businesses I work with (see below), I actually get my biggest buzz, when working with startup Builders and Chippy's, companies that have been trading less than 3 years because these are the businesses who often need the most help and upport

There's nothing more fulfilling than seeing a business grow from the ground up.  The decision to start a business is a brave one, so I do whatever I possibly can, to help this group get off on the right footing

Want to know what it takes to go from 'Amateur' to 'Professional' business owner?

Click here to learn more...

In addition, and again, purely because of the way things have panned out over the last few years, some of my clients no longer want coaching, they're too busy to learn and quite frankly, they just want a hybrid 'Done for/with You' service, which is exactly why I created my proven, unique, industry first, 'Trade Partner Blueprint' programs, to provide a whole variety of tailored solutions, that accommodate all my clients needs

So, if after reading this page, you feel compelled to take the first step,
I'd love to arrange a virtual coffee and see where it goes

I also have 85,000 Facebook followers so hopefully this also gives you confidence that I can genuinely help you, particularly when it comes to Marketing

Keith Wilson - Trade Growth Expert - 85k Facebook Followers

Want to see how you compare to other Trade businesses I work with?

Take my FREE scorecard by clicking the image below


My 'Ideal' Criteria...

If your business ticks the following boxes, we may be interested in either buying, investing or partnering:

Single Director and/or Spouse (Owner managed)
Turnover between £150,000 & £2.5M
Established more than 3 years (as of March 2023, now accepting startups)
Good client base
Ideally, a minimum of 3 employed member of staff but not mandatory.  However,
an open mind to employing more staff, if necessary, is definitely required
Consistent/increasing annual Gross & Nett profit (N/A to startups)

However, if...

You have absolutely no clarity or vision for where you want to get to, either on a business or personal level, and don’t have any intention on creating any
You have no ambition to grow your business beyond yourself (you want to stay self-employed)
You aren’t interested in scaling your business, either for succession purposes (to potentially pass on to a family member) or with a view to selling it and enjoying a very nice payday 

Then this opportunity is definitely NOT for you as there’s
absolutely no scope for us to work together

Still on the fence?  Consider this...

If you can resonate with any of the statements below, it's definitely worth reaching out

You want professional input from experienced individuals, who are proven to help scale your Construction/Carpentry business
You've realised that based on the hours you work and the amount you draw from the business, your hourly rate is shocking
You're totally overwhelmed with all the things you have to do
You want more time off, knowing the business will continue to run
You have no idea how to overcome the chaos and take your business to the next level
You're approaching retirement and have no succession plan for the business, but after many years of sweat and tears, don't want to simply close the business
You've fallen out of love with your business and want to explore your options for selling
Your business is struggling and can't see a way out
You have interests elsewhere are more financially viable so makes sense to focus more time on them
Just out of curiosity, to learn more about what we do and see if we can help
You're a new business, less than 3 years old, but want help building your company in the right way, with the right foundations, to allow you scale strategically, with almost guaranteed certainty of success and, with minimal risk

The Entrepreneurs Marketing & Selling System

The Proven Step-by-Step System to Getting All The Customers You’ll Ever Need... Rhythmically & Consistently - like clockwork, co-authored by me!

Keith Wilson - Co-Author - The EMSS

Built on over a decade of experience working with thousands of entrepreneurs, the EMS system gives you the proven step by step SYSTEM for business growth

Although originally designed for all small businesses, I have fully tailored it, to accommodate the specific needs of Builders & Chippy's in most cases, getting new customers often isn't the problem

Managing existing customers, maximising them and converting more leads
into paying customers, is generally where the focus needs to be


The MAGIC Business Exit System

My unique MAGIC Business System provides great consistency and is proven to get outstanding results, for those interested in selling their business

As we progress through the process together, you'll always know exactly where we're at  

What's more, your expectations will constantly be reviewed and possibly scrutinised, to ensure they remain both realistic and achievable

Keith Wilson - Investor & Business Strategist - Magic Business System

What Others Say...

Here's a small selection of the many testimonials I've received

'Life couldn't be
more different'

"When I was first introduced to Keith, I was a self-employed one-man Carpenter,
wearing all the company hats

I now own a proper Carpentry business and lead a team of 7 other chippy's

Life couldn't be more different

I finally feel in control of my own destiny, rather than being at the mercy of others

Right from the outset, Keith took a genuine interest in my situation and
after several discussions, it was blatantly obvious that his 7 Figure Trade Partner program was the answer to all the issues I was facing

Getting enquiries and generating work wasn't the problem but managing everything definitely was.  Doing everything myself just wasn't sustainable

I have a real passion for what I do but not the other aspects of running a business, so knowing everything else is being managed, and far better than I could do myself, is so refreshing

Without doubt, the best investment I've ever made in business"

Keith Wilson Testimonial - Matthew Colby

Matthew Colby

MC Carpentry & Construction

'I'd estimate a 5-10 increase compared to the cost'

"The positive impact Keith and his Trade partner program has had on my business is incredible

I saw him present at a Trade event in 2017, after he'd spoken about the common problems facing many small businesses in the Trades sector and during his talk, it felt like he was talking directly to me

He clearly had a deep understanding of our industry and the problems many of us face on a day to day basis

After the presentation, I approached him to learn more 

He was extremely accommodating and nothing was too much trouble.  That in itself immediately put me at ease

After about half an hour, it was very apparent to both of us, that his coaching programme wasn't suitable for me because I didn't have the time, nor the discipline, to commit to implementing everything I needed to do

It would have been too much for me, plus, I started my own business to continue my love of Carpentry and to be my own boss

I didn't sign up to all the other stuff required to run a proper business, even though I had now recognised that it did need doing, just not by me

So, we both agreed that his 7 Figure Trade Partner System was the most suitable option

Well that was 3 years ago and although it was, and over time, has been a significant investment for a small business like mine, I'd conservatively estimate that I've enjoyed a 5-10x increase, against my investment, which is fantastic

I would wholeheartedly recommend the programme to any Tradesman who wants to scale their business, without having to do any of the work themselves

The future looks very bright indeed"

Keith Wilson Testimonial - Andre

Andre Sores

Pro Quality Carpentry

'A £45,000 extension in the first 17 days, crazy!'

"Thankfully, ever since starting my own business, I'd never had to market or advertise my services and even now, as I write this, I have plenty of work

However, after speaking with several friends in the Trades, the other issues we all faced, were generally the same

Day to day operational problems, not having proper growth plans, managing subbies and staff, keeping on top of our finances, admin, constantly taking phone calls, attending site visits, preparing quotes, the list goes on

Being busy was fine but after 5 years of repeating the same cycle, I knew there had to be a better way of doing things

You can only tread water for so long.  Struggling to take time off because I was the business, was starting to take its toll

I had to sort things otherwise I was going to burn out or worse still, start having health issues, so I reached out to my network and asked for help

My Accountant recommended Keith so I contacted him and we had a virtual coffee

In just 12 months, he has finally given me structure, I now have 4 other guys working for me on the tools, while he focuses on all the other business stuff

Just one strategy he suggested and then introduced, resulted in a job for a new extension, worth £45,000, all within our first month of partnering up

I'm not exaggerating when I say the whole process has been a revelation.  I just wished I'd reached out years ago

If you get chance to work with him, don't hesitate for one second, grab it with both hands and your business will change for the better"

Keith Wilson Testimonial - JP

Jason Parker

Inspired Carpentry

'All I can say is WOW!

"My business was going extremely well until one of our biggest clients went bust owing us almost 70k

How on earth we didn't go bust is beyond me.  Lots of begging and pleading to HMRC, suppliers and other sources allowed us continue trading (just)

That was a stark warning of how frail my business was.  Far too reliant on a handful of clients, who had more control of my business than I did

From that moment on, I vowed never to be in that situation ever again

The destiny of my business, and future, was going to be in my hands and nobody else's, but I didn't know how to get there

I needed expert help, and fast

After a lot of research, I came across Keith and after several discussions, took the plunge and invested in his 7 Figure Trade Partner program

All I can say is Wow!  

Since day one, he has exceeded my expectations and I now have 100% control of everything, have systems that run the business and have absolutely no reliance on any one client

That horrendous experience gave me a lot of sleepless nights but coming out the other side, has made my business so much stronger, and a huge part of that, is Keith and his fantastic system"

Keith Wilson Testimonial - Rich W

Rich Waserman

Niche Builders

'The best business decision I've ever made'

"Nobody tells you about all the things you need to do, when you start your own business

I went into it with my eyes totally shut, which is why I nearly fell flat on my face

The overwhelm was too much and I ended up in hospital, being treated for stress and exhaustion

Thankfully, my wife was super supportive and agreed for me to continue, but only on the proviso that I sought external help.  That's when I went onto Google and found Keith

The transformation from where I was 2 years ago, to where I am now is unbelievable

Without experiencing it for myself, I'd have never thought it possible

I cannot thank him enough for everything he's done for me and my family.  I'm happier now than I've ever been and I feel in more control of my business than ever before"

Keith Wilson Testimonial - Brian S

Brian Scwartz

Advanced Renovation

'We can all be busy fools'

"I was drowning in my work and couldn't see a way out

Since starting my business in 2015, I have regularly worked 12-14 hour days, 6 days a week, thinking that's what it took to be successful

I remember one of the first things Keith ever said to me when we started working together because it hit me
like a ton of bricks,

Don't wear working 70-80 hours a week as a badge of honour, we can all be busy fools.  Realise that you need to start working smarter, not harder

Going faster on the hamster wheel will just lead to complete burnout

You need to step off, take stock of where you're at but also where you want to be, only then can we develop a plan for you to get there

 That instantly resonated with me because I knew he was right.  Although I'd been in business for 8 years, I realised I'd just been doing the same thing, 8 years on the trot

Nothing had changed, which is why I was obviously still getting the same results I'd always got

I joined the waiting list in hope that I'd be accepted into the program and when I got the call, I just knew things were going to improve for the better

10 months in and I'm absolutely delighted with my decision to sign up.  Without doubt, the best decision I've ever made"

Keith Wilson Testimonial - Tom H

Tom Hart

TNH Plumbing & Heating

'A whole new world
of possibility'

"I first met Keith at a local business event and was instantly taken by his energy and what he had to offer.

The timing was also very opportunistic because due to totally unforeseen personal circumstances, my husband and I decided to retire early and offload our long standing family business

We had no idea where to start with the selling process so his input and personal help was invaluable. We managed to get the exact outcome we wanted and were absolutely delighted

If you are (or aren't yet) considering getting out of your business, I highly recommend you have a chat with Keith as he'll open your mind to a whole new world of possibility

He shared knowledge and insights that I'd never heard before, even though I've been in business for over 35 years"

Keith Wilson - Business Investor & Strategist - Testimonial

Sarah Twine

Balanced Solutions

'Just bought my dream bike thanks to you'

"After drowning in my business and almost having a nervous breakdown,
something had to give

I thought going out on my own was gonna solve all my problems but in reality, it just made them worse

More hours, less money and loads
more responsibilities

I was seriously considering going back to being employed, then a friend suggested I speak to Keith as he'd been working with him for about 18 months and after observing what was going on in his life, he was clearly doing very well for himself, so I reached out

Now I don't say this lightly, but that decision literally changed everything

Being able to fully focus on what I love doing, decorative plastering, knowing that everything else in my business is taken care of by the 7 Figure Trade Partner program, has transformed both my business, and my life

In fact, I just treated myself to my dream bike, and was even able to pay cash

I cannot thank Keith enough and recommend him to all my Trade friends because I want him to change their lives, just like he has mine"

Keith Wilson Testimonial - Darrel Morrison

Darrel Morrison

Decorative Paint & Plaster

'We are a professional business now'

"We first started working with Keith almost 2 years ago, as the two of us were fast becoming overwhelmed with our workload, we weren't taking enough from the business, and it was putting a real strain on our marriage

Something had to change, and quick

Growing and developing our business on our own, clearly wasn't an option

What a great decision!

Our business is absolutely thriving now, plus, we recently took 3 weeks off and everything continued to run which going back 18-24 months, would have never been possible

Plugging in Keith's 7 Figure Trade Partner program has not only transformed our business, it has also completely changed our lives

If you have a business in the Trade, and are considering working with Keith, eliminate decades of trial and error and just do it

Will be the best decision and
investment you'll ever make"

Keith Wilson Testimonial - Brian and Sarah Johnson

Brian & Sarah Johnson

BSJ Landscaping

Ready to take the first step?

© Copyright 2011 - Keith Wilson - Contractor Growth Expert.  All Rights Reserved.

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