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So there were only 3 things that totally transformed my own life

  1. The realisation that my clients did NOT want a band aid solution to their problems.  They wanted a COMPLETE and PERMANENT solution, and were also willing to pay premium prices to do so, hence why I stopped creating low end products and moved solely into the 'HIGH END EXPERIENCE' arena, where I now provide real TRANSFORMATION
  2. Before realising point 1, after 10 years of burnout and nothing to show for my extortionate spend and efforts, I knew I couldn't keep trying to do everything myself.  Product creation, sales pages, videos, sales funnels, landing pages, email follow-ups, support etc.  There had to be a better way

The solution?

High Ticket Affiliate Marketing

With this system, it’s about as turnkey as you can get

You leverage a PROVEN SYSTEM that provides infrastructure, staff, merchant processing, fulfilment, customer service, product creation, website development, hosting, phone sales, and so much more

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