Keith Wilson is one of the most sought after 'High Ticket Experience' experts, who helps budding online entrepreneurs create a truly amazing life for themselves, totally free of financial, time and location limitations

In addition, he only works with clients who can also do the same for their clients too.  Everything evolves around 'LIFE CHANGING TRANSFORMATION'

About Keith Wilson:


Hi, I’m Keith Wilson.

Now although this page is titled 'About Me', in reality, it's not about me at all, because the only person you care about, is YOU right?

That said, here's a few 'personal' things you might like to know (and don't worry, it's not the usual crap about how I used to be on the breadline and overnight transformed everything and now earn gazzilions of dollars every year

Bla Bla Bla...

I’m 44 years old and live in Southampton (UK) with my darling wife, Karen

We have two wonderful kids, 1 bunny rabbit called Rosie and a tan coloured Cocker Spaniel called Theo

There, that's enough about me because the only thing you really want to know,

Is Whether I'm Actually Worth YOUR Time And Attention?

And to be perfectly honest, for many, the answer is probably NO.

Here’s why:

I can NOT help you get rich quick.

Selling products on the Internet is not a recipe to “get rich quick”

Admittedly, back in 2006 when I first got started online, it was definitely easier than it is today but it still wasn't overnight riches like some will have you believe

Thankfully, I do now have a consistent income…mainly on auto pilot …but it took me well over $100,000 of investment and 10 years of heartache to finally 'get it'

PLUS... It still takes time and effort to keep it all running

So if you’re not prepared to commit to tons more effort than you think this will take, sadly I’m not your guy

You will not be getting more information
because the last thing you need...
is more damn information!

If you want to learn more stuff and watch hours and hours of more boring videos, then I wish you well but you will not find that here


Because you don't need it

There's a plethora of free information available all over the Internet and to be honest, some of it's quite good, not much but some,

However, over the past 10 years or so, the whole online arena has massively changed

In fact, did you know?

Less than 3% of people who buy an information product, ever see results...


Shocking isn't it?

That's why I no longer provide information products.  Notice I said no longer because over the years, I've created lots of them and in truth, I believe they were some of the best available


When it came to the nitty gritty, you know, the bit where I survey my clients to establish what sort of results they were getting, not only from my products but other peoples as well,

BAM, it hit me like a train

Only a tiny fraction were actually getting results,


It all came down to three words, (a lack of)


See, I knew my stuff worked, because each of them were based on a blueprint I had followed myself and achieved great results from

So I knew it wasn't the programs that failed, it was my clients lack of action

If you’re looking for “The Same Old”,
I'm sorry but I cannot help you.

It’s important you understand what I’m telling you here,

I can almost certainly help you, I just choose not to


Because when I hear someone say, “What’s the quickest, cheapest way for me to get started online”, I know that person is not at all serious in building a long term, sustainable online business

Sure, they may want a small side income and d'you know what, that's perfectly OK

But that's not my thing,


Not only for my own clients, but also for my 'clients' clients as well

So I only choose to work with people who are 100% committed to their own success and who also have a genuine desire to TRANSFORM their clients lives as well

And yes, I'm not gonna lie, it requires a lot of time and effort,

But the rewards are absolutely massive

WOW, You Got This Far Down The Page.  Good For You!

And as a thank you, here’s
what you'll get from me...

  • Proven strategies you can use right now to start growing your own online business, 100% free …which are usually followed by:

  • Some sort of offer

Shock horror!

Somebody in the Online Marketing arena being totally honest and upfront

That's unheard of right?

Well believe it or not, there are some people in this industry that do have tons of integrity but unfortunately, we are few and far between

No smoke screens, no fancy cars or houses, no BS, just the truth

My philosophy is and always will be...

SERVE before you SELL

Give tons of value first, let people get results with your free stuff, assuming they'll come back and want to experience the paid stuff

Pretty pretty cool,

And guess what?

It works wonders

But you still might be thinking…

How Do I Know If Your Stuff Is Any Good?

Quite frankly, you don't

So here's what I suggest you do,

Experience some of the free tools and resources I share here on my site and also on my social media pages, then see what you think

If you like what you see, you’ll probably like my programs

But if you don’t like them or don't connect with me, chances are we're not a good fit

See, since I first started in this business, my goals have changed and so has my mindest

Initially, my sole objective was to get as many clients as possible and make as much money as I could

But from experience, that's bloody hard work

Managing lots of clients, lots of funnels and lots of orders, often for peanuts, is tough

You know what I mean,

Those products that are priced between $7 and $97, then several up-sells, followed by down-sells and webinars you don't even want to attend but as a result of buying, you've automatically been registered for

It's complete nonsense

Does that model work?

Absolutely, for a tiny minority, but for most, there's just too many moving parts, too many things to pull together, too many elements that can go wrong

And the upshot?


No money coming in but lots going out, no customers getting results, no happy clients coming back for more wanting to buy more stuff, no proper SYSTEM and ultimately,


So is there a better model than the one you see every one else teaching?

You know, the one where people make their money selling you products and teaching you things, that they don't actually make money from themselves


Well, there's two models I now focus on, and your circumstances totally dictate which one I recommend

Both are much simpler, have less moving parts, massively more profitable and instead of

And where does the journey begin?

With a friendly, absolutely no obligation FREE chat where I discover tons about you, goals, desires, skill set etc

But here's the kicker (no pun intended, read on...)

I filter who I speak to because time is my most precious commodity

I don't want tyre kickers who have no real commitment to building a solid, long term business, wasting any of my time

I only want to speak with you if, and only if, you're 100% committed to doing this AND, you actually have real value and authenticity to offer the world

If not, once again, I'm afraid we're probably not gonna fit like 'hand and glove'

Here’s Where I Can Help You

My main focus is to help you filter through all the BS online, dig deep into your wants and desires, then introduce you to two specific business models

Once we've established which one is best suited to your own particular needs, we can plug in the relevant PROVEN SYSTEM and really go to town

And remember, this is the result of over 10 years of experience of working in the trenches, finding out what actually works and just as important, what doesn't

Stop heading down those rabbit holes hoping something 'might' work when in reality, what I've already told you, the chances are it won't


I also focus on your mindset because if you're not willing to believe in yourself, you can't expect others to believe in you either

And believe it or not, it's a lot easier than you think

So What Should You Do Next?

Start by checking out some of the material on my RESOURCES page and see what, if anything, resonates with you

If you like what you see, register for some of my free training

If you still like what you see, then and only then, should you consider hopping on a call with me to establish how I can help you


Great, I really appreciate you reading this page and hopefully, sometime in the future, we can do some amazing things together and achieve TRANSFORMATIONAL results!

Keith Wilson

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